During the Mercury Program, 13 women who were mostly civilian test pilots, qualified for spaceflight under the same standards as the The Mercury 7 astronauts.

NASA declined to consider them for spaceflight. One of the people that testified against their inclusion was John Glenn. Glenn believed that “The fact that women are not in this field is a fact of our social order.”

In the 1880s Charles Darwin carried out some of the first scientifically recorded excavations at Stonehenge. He concluded that earthworms were largely to blame for the Stonehenge stones sinking into the soil and toppling over.

What are the other six things that I learned about Stonehenge? Read the history.com article to find out. Here are the high points.

  • Stonehenge was built in phases.
  • It’s a mystery how some stones got to the site.
  • Stonehenge once was put up for auction.
  • Theories abound about Stonehenge’s purpose.
  • Summer solstice gatherings were banned at Stonehenge.
  • Stonehenge is just one of several prehistoric stone circles in Great Britain.

In the mountains of West Texas…

Deep within the tunneled out recesses of a mountain in West Texas, several computer scientists, engineers and inventors are creating something that could change the way the future looks at time.

Computer Scientist Danny Hillis first came up with the idea for a 10,000 year, self-maintaining clock in the early 90’s and featured it in the 1995 “Scenarios” issue of Wired magazine. By 1999, he had an 8-foot-tall working prototype.

The full-size clock that is now under construction is being built in West Texas on land owned by Jeff Bezos, CEO and founder of Amazon, who is also actively helping to design the clock. Bezos, Hillis and others make up the geniuses behind the Long Now Foundation, who is behind the construction and conceptualization of the clock.

Rather than measuring time in minutes and seconds, the clock measures time in centuries and millennia. The clock has a century hand, and includes a cuckoo that will sound every thousand years at each new millennium. The clock also is programmed to chime from time to time, and each time it chimes it is a unique sound that will never be repeated.