I Love A Good Nap

I learned about the benefits of a power nap when I was well into my career. At first it wasn’t a job, it was an ambition and like a small child I didn’t want to stop. I wanted to learn more and explore every aspect of the job until I had a strong grasp of what was expected of me.

And like a child I neglected to acknowledge that I was tired.

Then I learned about a short nap. A power nap.

These short naps help in a multitude of different ways. They help you overcome problems by taking your mind off them, they help you remember complicated procedures that you are working on and the list goes on.

But like anything good there is a limit.

You feel sleepy when the ADP concentration in your brain crosses a certain threshold. Think of ADP as spent battery. ATP on the other hand is the readily available energy source, call it available battery charge. Power naps increase the ATP concentration and reduce the ADP concentration in your brain, leading you to feel recharged.

Power naps are better because they stop you from going into deep sleep; thus not making you groggy when you wake up.

On the other hand if you took a longer regular nap, the ADP concentration begins to bounce back. So you would feel groggy after a regular nap which didn’t decrease the ADP concentration significantly. Hence the duration of a power nap is very important.

Generally, when taking a nap, you should wake up after 1 hour maximum if you don’t want to feel like shit when you wake up.

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